Singapore Online Video of the Year

Submit your nomination now for the "Singapore Online Video of the Year" award!

Nominate any online video which best represents Singapore. The producer/production company of the selected short film will receive an S$800 cash prize. Should your nomination become the award winner, you will have the chance to win a cash prize of S$200 too. Both Nominators and Nominees will be invited to attend the “My Singapore Rhapsody” Microfilm Competition Award Ceremony.

  • The nominated video must contain Singapore related theme/s and must have been published on an online platform. Multiple nominations by an individual are accepted. The publication date of the video has to be from 1st Jan 2023 to 30th March 2024. The deadline for nomination is 29th May 2024.
  • Should there be 2 or more nominators for the award-winning video, the prize will be allocated via a randomised lucky draw to only ONE (1) of the nominators.
  • The Organisers, in their sole discretion, may prohibit or disqualify any nomination deemed inappropriate. The Organisers also reserve the right to refuse to screen a video.
  • The Organisers reserve the right to make the final determination as to which films are eligible for the Competition. Neither the identities of the adjudicators nor their decisions will be disclosed to the competitors and/or the public, nor are said decisions and/or the identities of the said adjudicators open to questioning, objections, appeals from you and/or the public. All decisions made are deemed final and conclusive.

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